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Masculine Sleeved ECM


The Masculine Sleeved Jersey features a wide fit across the chest and back and tapers slightly around the hem. The sleeves are a fitted short sleeve. We feel like we’ve found a good fit that allows for movement yet isn't tight or restrictive. The sleeve length also holds a number easily which allows for no armbands being needed.


Name and number is optional, leave blank if you prefer. 

Fit Guide: Box


Length: Standard, -2”, +2” or Crop

Sizes: Adult XS to 6XL

Made in Canada.

Thank you Andy Everson for creating this beautiful logo and giving us permission to use it. You can follow their work on Instagram @andy_everson_nwc_artist

In support with Team Indigenous Roller Derby, a portion of each orange jersey sale donated to The Orange Shirt Society. Find out more on their website  https://www.orangeshirtday.org