Monster Muffin Clothing was born in 2004 and has been emerging from the underground fashion scene ever since.

Designer Lori Peltonen aka Monster Muffin aka Muffin aka Muffy.......started the first collection immediately after graduating from Fashion Design at George Brown College in Toronto. The original line was alternative street wear and lots and lots of custom made clothing. A few years later roller derby was introduced to her and she fell in love not only with the sport but the people as well. After a few months of getting to know more about this incredible sport she joined the Renegade Derby Dames in Alliston, Ontario. Today she skates with Team Ontario, Toronto Roller Derby All-Stars and The Chicks Ahoy!

Today Monster Muffin can be found across Canada, the United States, the Milky Way and beyond....shipping can get expensive.

Meet the Monster Muffin Team:

Muffin: Designer, Owner, Boss Lady, Comic Relief. Her "about" is above so really here are just some fun pictures.

Scandal Navian: Head seamstress, pretty much Muffin's right hand (although she's left handed). She too skates with Toronto Roller Derby's Chicks Ahoy! Scandal has been skating since 2013 and has been with us here at Monster Muffin since 2014. Her favorite colour is brown and she loves robots.

Boxcar: Seamstress in training and master of all things web developing. Not like this was planned but she too skates for Toronto Roller Derby's Chicks Ahoy! and also ToRD's All-Stars, Team Ontario and TEAM CANADA!! Boxcar has been with us since 2016 and we love her. Her favorite colour is royal blue and she loves kittens.

Photo credit Neil Gunner


And the team we all skate on together, because working together just isn't enough.

The Chicks Ahoy!
Photo credit: Ashlea Wessel
Muffin: bottom left.....lifting a 100lb weight. And Scandal Navian (middle row far left)  Boxcar missed picture day.
Natasha aka Dine n'Dash Tash: She is our master Graphic Designer. If you've had custom artwork done by Monster Muffin, this right here is the magic behind the curtain. She is the one who takes the scribbles of ideas and makes them into something tangible and jaw dropping. She skates with the South Simcoe Roller Rebels you can be sure knows the ins and outs of what you need need graphics wise for derby. Her favorite colour is blood splatter (if that were a colour) and she loves all things Halloween.


Size Chart



How To Measure

Bust / Chest

Wrap measuring tape under your arms, across the fullest part of your chest or bust. Make sure measuring tape is parallel to the floor with arms at your sides. It may be easier to have someone assist you.


Wrap measuring tape around the smallest part of your waist, usually 1" to 2" above belly button. Again, make sure


Wrap measuring tape around the fullest part of you hips. Your hips are usually 6" below waist or half way between belly button and crotch. Make sure measuring tape is once again parallel to floor.


Uniform orders, please contact us to order a sample size run for your team to ensure the perfect fit.

Need special sizing? Email us your measurements and we can custom fit any of our styles to you!