Team Indigenous

Masculine Sleeved


The Masculine Sleeved Jersey features a wide fit across the chest and back and tapers slightly around the hem. The sleeves are a fitted short sleeve. We feel like we’ve found a good fit that allows for movement yet isn't tight or restrictive. The sleeve length also holds a number easily which allows for no armbands being needed.


TEAM SKATERS: Black Jersey shows what both home and away will look like if no tribal logo was sent to us. If Cherry sent us one, both jersey will look like Teal Jersey.

FANS/SUPPORTERS: Your jerseys will both have feathers on left chest as seen on Black Jersey.


Fit Guide: Box


Length: Standard, -2”, +2” or Crop

Sizes: Adult XS to 6XL

Made in Canada.

As a proud returning sponsor of Team Indigenous Roller Derby, we are donating a portion of each sale to the team.