Monster Muffin

Captain & Assistant Badges

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I've gotta be honest I'm feeling pretty clever on this little invention of mine. Introducing the Captain & Assistant Badges! No more sharpie markers smudging all over and leaving marks for days afterwards. This little guy wraps around your tank strap keeping both visible and comfortable. The other great part too is you can pass it from player to player so whomever is Captain that game just needs to slap this on and their set to jet...or roll in the case of roller derby.

Made from our Athletic fabric it's antibacterial, quick dry and soft to the touch.

Show in black with a white C.

Each sold separately, this is not a set. if you would like one of each please purchase two.

Select your colours from our list below. Please make sure you select the proper combination that is high enough in contrast to be seen at a distance.

If this is your only purchase today please select as your shipping method "Patches/Badges/Gift Certificates" to get a discount rate as we'll ship in an envelope. If shopping for more items (making for a larger package) select the shipping corresponding to that.