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South Simcoe Roller Rebels

Welcome to your very own team store!

There are 2 shipping options when placing a team order.

1) ASAP-means you pay for shipping and we'll get it in line as soon as its placed. Orders will take approximately 4-6 weeks.

2) With Team - You tell us when the cut off is and we'll collect all orders placed before that date. Skater's won’t be charged shipping individually. Note: one must select “ground shipping” for the discount of not paying for shipping to be activated. When we have the order together, we'll send the team one collective shipping amount and ship to an address of your choosing. This helps to keep the order together and saves on shipping cost. 

Note: your team store is searchable with our website but there are not links directly to it. This means that technically anyone could purchase your jersey, but they would either have to have the link or know to look for your team.

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