Rome Jr All-Stars

Helmet Covers


This is for ROME JR ALL-STARS. If you need ROME JR ROLLER DERBY click HERE


Don't forget the essentials! Always good to have a back-up pair, am I right?!

We sell these in singles because some teams like to have 4 jammers and 2 pivots wile others like 2 and 2 and some just need 1 because somebody lost one ;)

Standard: Stars on the outside only.

Reversible: Stars on inside and outside.

Reversible is great for when you do a quick panty pass and in the rush of things the cover goes on inside out. If there are no stars for the referee to see, you won't get the points. Reversible means no matter what happens, you've got stars. There is no need to make the Pivot reversible so we've just taken that option away.