Mini Muff's Memorabilia - First Year College

Feb 8, 2021

I've moved several times in my life, but moving to the big city of Toronto was the most impactful. The other places I called home were villages, towns or up and coming cities like Barrie. Toronto was vast, bright, both new and old and full of culture and things to do (when not on a student's strict budget). I moved into a house with 8 other people, all strangers from different walks of life. It was cheap, safe and close to school so I took it. My very first day of school was also my very first time riding the subway. I was so nervous I stood up against the wall clutching my backpack until the train came to a complete stop. As time went by I mastered that subway and become one of those people who knew exactly where to get on the train so that at your exiting stop you would step off perfectly lined up with the stairs to outside. But enough about that, I was finally in college and full of wonder, excitement and fatigue. The days were long and and homework longer but I loved it. The entire year was a lead up to the final fashion show where you got to have your collection on a model with hair, makeup, music and, most importantly, an real live audience. All the students participated in some way from back stage dressers to models. I found myself in the modeling realm to which I did the most okay job one could expect. Nervous, shy and trembling I made it through. I much prefer to have my clothing out on the stage than I myself.

My collection was dark. I was inspired by all the new fashion I had seen in Toronto from goth to cyber punk to things I didn't even know how to label. I became obsessed with a shoe company called New Rock and spent nearly all my money to buy a pair of their shows for my collection. I met some inspiring students who knew how to make dreads and taught me how to make fake ones and clip them to my head. I loved it. I have always had fair skin and blond hair, ghost-like almost. Actually, on my student card all you could make out were blue eyes and a red sweater because they used a flash and the rest of me disappeared.

muffin at college

Testing out the fun new hair. I think I only wore this all of 2 times, but it was fun to play with different styles.

college friends

As for my year end collection, I know I had photos but I can't seem to find them so I decided to do a little photoshoot for you all.

muffin in fashion 1

Who needs a collar this high? A rock star, that's who. At least that's what I told my professors when they questioned the wearability of this fine outfit.

muffin in fashion 2

I'm surprised I was able to get into them, not because of the size but the lack of proper sized zippers and openings I left myself. You should've seen me wiggle and tug to get this into these. Lesson 1, make sure you can get into garment easily.

muffin in fashion 3

The fabric I decided upon was a solid black 100% cotton denim. I was obsessed with thick, free standing materials. Not always the best choice, but alas I was a student! You can bet your ass this skirt has pockets though. That part I got right.

muffin in fashion 5

I envisioned a badass ball of pink fire on the back......I ended up with this.

muffin in fashiontop 1

This top did have a matching pair of pants to go with them. They were a low rise, fitted leg with the pink lace stitches going down the back and front of each leg. I would have taken a photo but I sold them years ago (high fives self). The day you sell your first piece it the most 2

What's with the one flared sleeved not attached to anything? Fashion, that's what.


This collection is extra adorable because not only was it my first real collection but it was also my last one before Monster Muffin was born. These all still have the George Brown College provided tags in them. So freaking cute!! If you're interested in any of the pieces feel free to contact me. They aren't perfect but they are completely wearable pieces of art and history.



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