Mini Muff's Memorabilia - Intro

Feb 4, 2021

Welcome to my (Muffin's) very first blog post. Well, that's not entirely true, I did have a blog way back in the day which is likely somewhere on the internet but I have no idea where or what system I even used to post it. I realize this is a website for business and our focus and passion is roller derby, to which you may think (and are correct) I should be writing about roller derby rather than vainly about myself. But, I am an Aries and we're living in a time while Covid-19 is still rampant and my province is in lockdown so alas, I shall write about myself and share my history!

This whole sharing idea came while I was sorting through some old bins and came across one full of items from past collections, including some from my very first collection still with their George Brown tags in them. And I thought to myself, why not share these items and their stories?! I'm not a writer and my sister Amy will attest I'm not great at grammar or even spelling for that matter so read quickly and without judgment. Or judge, I won't know.

These may or may not be in chronological order, I haven't decided. I also haven't found all the items I stored away yet so we'll see where this takes us.



This is a great idea and I can’t wait to see what else you find in those storage boxes!

Wolvy | Feb 10, 2021

Looking forward to seeing more of your blog. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. Very creative in many areas. Love you. Mom.

Halina Peltonen | Feb 5, 2021

Love this!!!! Can’t wait to hear all your amazing stories!

Amy PeBo | Feb 5, 2021

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