Dear Toronto Roller Derby

Feb 6, 2022

Dear Toronto Roller Derby,

I have received some heartbreaking messages from some members of our league that do not agree with my most recent actions of taking part in the Ontario No Vaxx Pass group and attending a Freedom Rally. I have been told to make a statement, given a list of topics and been asked to apologise and told to be sincere in order to be considered a chance at forgiveness.

Although there are many things on the list I agree with, I cannot in good conscious or in honest sincerity do or agree to all of the things being asked of me. I have tried repeatedly to defend myself and my character but my words are met with hate and accusations.

As this list came from the league’s president and they speak on behalf of the league, I wish to no longer be affiliated with Toronto Roller Derby as a skater or as a sponsor.

To be transparent, I was asked in an unofficial email from the president of Toronto Roller Derby to make a statement, and I quote

“…that could then be posted to both your personal and business social accounts, that would be a good first step. That statement would have to include the following:

(1) denunciation of Trucker Convoy organizers and their hateful, racist, violent, and/or undemocratic statements, including the MOU and the GoFundMe page;

(2) denunciation of all white supremacist and Nazi paraphernalia at the protest;

(3) a promise that both you and your business with continue to follow all laws, regulations, and public health rules related to vaccines and public health such as masking, social distancing, capacity restrictions, etc.;

(4) a sincere apology to ToRd and the wider derby community for your actions in attending the Trucker Convoy protest;

(5) an acknowledgement of the harms your attendance and participation in the protest has caused to members of ToRD and the wider derby community;

But a statement will be only the first step. I will have to discuss the rest of the process with the rest of the Exec, our Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Committee, as well as ConMed. But other things will likely include a significant donation from Monster Muffin to one or more organizations of our choosing, an agreement to undergo diversity, inclusion and equity training to educate yourself around these issues, possibly an agreement to personally apologize, individually, to every member of the league who requests it, and listening to them explain how your actions have hurt them. I'm not sure what else yet, but it will be a long and likely difficult process.”

And to this I respond.

I don’t know everything about everyone involved with the freedom protest but I do know that it is very easy to spread lies about one another. I do not condone any hateful, violent or white supremacist or Nazi actions or displays of such things. These people were not welcome at this protest and am I very happy to know they were removed.

I believe in and stand for democracy.

As stated above, I was asked to agree to make a significant donation from my business to one or more organizations of the league’s choosing. First off, I don’t now how much “substantial” means to them but that is rather a bully move and rude ask during a pandemic when most small businesses are struggling. Secondly, I do not agree to allow a league coming at me with such accusations to choose the charity/charities.

There is a real message here if you choose to see it and it is that of love, freedom, choice and unity. For those of you who see this as something else and thus feel hurt by it, I can only hope that this message may help to bring a better light and understanding as to my involvement. I will stand up for people, especially minorities. I will show love and compassion and I hope you will join me.

I only wish the best for Toronto and all of it’s skaters. For the most part you have all been wonderful and I will miss you very much. It’s been a blast and I have learned a lot. Thank you for your love and support over the years, I can’t wait to see you skating again!

Love and light to you all, may you find peace during these troubling times.

Muffin on behalf of Monster Muffin


So many get easily manipulated and lost with in the social media, main stream media and the many distractions constantly being thrown at us. Good for you in knowing your truth and standing in it. #FREEDOM

Tara | Feb 11, 2022

The derby “thought police” are at it again! Jeez. 😵‍💫 I didn’t realize a person cannot have individual ideas or join a protest, unless the RDPP (Roller Derby Political Party), gives you permission. You are being blackmailed and threatened, by them, unless you submit to their demands. WOW ! This is a free country and if you are involved in a peaceful protest…. that does not mean you are also supporting the fringes that like to hijack a good cause.

Tiffany | Feb 10, 2022

This is so stupid and I’m sick of it. I do not understand this need to force everyone to subscribe to identical beliefs. I do not stand for people who refuse to humanize one another. I may not agree with the protest but I sure as hell support your right to stand up for what you believe in. I hope when you find a new league you’ll let me know where so we can skate together friend -Bansh

Lisa | Feb 10, 2022

So proud of you for standing up for your beliefs and not allowing anyone to bully you for that! It’s hard now but it will get better, stand strong and hold the line for posterity’s sake!

Nemo | Feb 9, 2022

Way to stand up for Freedom!
(from your former backyard neighbours across the laneway in BWG)

Chris | Feb 9, 2022
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