A message from the owner, with love.

Feb 6, 2022

I would like to take a moment to address a very important matter. First and foremost I must proclaim that this statement is that solely of Monster Muffin and it’s owner Lori Peltonen and does not reflect the ideas and opinions of any employees past, present or future. It also does not reflect the opinions of any teams connected to us through any means. I stand alone.

Last year I made a decision to take a stance, support and join businesses that were not in support the government of Canada’s vaccine passports. As an online store we are not subject to these mandates, however in support of businesses that are and were effected, I stood by them. This group is not about vaccines, rather specifically the showing of vaccine passports. As one example, I could not see the fairness in allowing large box stores to be filled with shoppers while small businesses like gyms were forced to close their doors while following all health mandates above and beyond. This is not a new subject and I’m sure we’ve all weighed our opinions. Its good and healthy to have different opinions and I welcome you to have your own.

Most recently I attended a Freedom Rally in Canada with the sole intention to bring peace, love and unity to all Canadians. Myself and a small group of friends went to show love and support for one another and were met by thousands more with the same intentions. There is no denying that a small group among the masses there displayed some terrible flags and took part in inexcusable actions. I would like to make perfectly clear I do not condone their actions and was pleased to see them promptly removed. There are some out there accusing me of being part of this terrible group of people but it is not true. I wish only for peace and love for all.

I hope that we can still work together and move through this world with compassion, understanding and a willingness to continue learning. I will always do my best to be open and honest with you.

Thank you so much for your time, love and support over the years.

Here are some pictures from the Freedom Rally in Ottawa.



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