by Lori Peltonen October 27, 2015

I've decided to start a series of blog posts that are somewhat of a back stage pass to Monster Muffin. The ups, the downs and the super fun ridiculousness that goes on. To begin this adventure of mine I chose to talk about something that happened to me last year that greatly effected me...for the better!


Something I personally never thought of when starting my own business is what happens when good ol' life throws you a curve ball? I mean, you could call in sick but there's not always someone to cover for you.

Last year was just that for me, life threw the curviest curve-ball and what felt like an end, turned out being the beginning to a phenomenal future. Now I don't want to get all mushy but I'm sure many of you can relate to heartbreak, and I'm not talking about being bummed cause that cute guy/girl doesn't like you. I'm talking about that numbing, dark, breathless, shattering pain that throws you into a whirlwind. But in the midst of my world crashing down on me, Monster Muffin was flourishing, and sales were coming in from all around the world. As difficult as this time was, I must say the growth and success of Monster Muffin is what has kept me going, what kept me excited to wake up each morning and have something amazing to do, and my fabulous team that works with me. So when I say I appreciate our customers I truly deeply mean it. You guys kept me sane and focused...well somewhat sane, I'm still me after all.

So here's to the future and to everyone who helped make Monster Muffin what it is today. From my amazingly supportive family, friends, teammates and to my co-workers that have to put up with my lame jokes, loud singing and giggly giggles everyday. Thank you, you saved me.



Bay Street Bruisers 2015 (some of us at least)

Blue Jays game with my derby wife

Lori Peltonen
Lori Peltonen


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